Hi there! I'm Anna. Here's a little bit of me awkwardly talking about myself:  

I'm a New York based still life stylist and photo art director for print, advertising, and e-commerce. My passion and specialty is creative/editorial still life, especially when it involves making products do the seemingly impossible. I really love it when I get to make things fly or balance on top of one another, or just look like other, completely different things. Seriously, like a kid in a candy store. You've been warned. However, I also do appreciate making a clean and simple arrangement because I know those are often even more difficult to get "just right"! Regardless of how technical or challenging a project may be, there are really few things I enjoy more then helping a client refine and execute a still life concept that's fresh, exciting, and right on brand. 

If you're not asleep by now, please feel free to get in touch so we can make some awesome images together!

Some of my recent clients include: 



Mother NY


David Yurman

Saks Fifth Avenue

Ogilvy & Mather



Proenza Schouler



The Knot

Derek Lam

Lord & Taylor


Amazon Fashion


Gilt Groupe

& more

And photographers I've collaborated with (A-Z): Alvin Kean Wong, Andy Ryan, Ben Goldstein, Bob Martus, Brad Bridgers, Charlie Bennet, Chris Bartlett, Christine Hahn, Claire Benoist, Daniel Clavero, Dave Herron, David Malosh, David Lewis Taylor, Devon Jarvis, Diggy Lloyd, Felix Wong, Gregory Reid, Hannah Heinrich, Jarren Vink, Jeff Harris, Jeff Westbrook, Jenna Gang, Jerome Eno, Jon Gordon, Justin Bridges, Kate Owen, Marko Metzinger, Marlene Rounds, Marshall Troy, Matthew Hillman, Richard Majchrzak, Sabine Scheckel, Samuel Bristow, Sam Kaplan, Sarah Anne Ward, Sascha Pflaeging, Scott Rounds, Steve Eiden, Thomas Milewski, Tom Medvedich, Will Styer


Looking forward to working with you!


Photo by Ben Goldstein